Timber Processing Companies in Texas: What They Are and Where They Work

TMR has been providing a comprehensive look at timber processing companies in Texas since the 1980s.The company’s mission is to improve and promote the quality of timber and timber products in the state.TMR is a leading source of information and resources to help Texans understand how their state’s forests are managed and the importance of protecting them.The companies TMR ranks […]

The truth behind the timber processing industry

The Australian Timber Industry Association (ATIA) says the federal government’s decision to impose a moratorium on logging on public land will have no impact on the industry.The moratorium is expected to apply from this month.The Association says the industry has been hit hard by the loss of $1.5 billion in federal funding since the Turnbull Government took office, while the […]

Forest Industry’s Next Frontier: Timber Lumber Processers

Lumber mills in the New Zealand and Australian markets are looking for a way to reduce the cost of their timber.They have been trying to reduce their workforce to as little as 10 per cent of what it was in the early 2000s, but they are finding it hard.They are also facing growing competition from high-tech lumber firms, such as […]

Why are you leaving a company you love?

Posted by Axios staff writer A growing trend among timber processing companies is to replace employees with cheaper foreign labor.But why are so many companies going the cheap route?Here’s what you need to know about the outsourcing of labor in the timber industry.1.The cost of doing business: According to a new report from the University of Oregon, U.S. companies employing […]

Coal companies say they won’t sell timber in Australia due to new climate change measures

A coal mining company has announced it will no longer produce and export timber to Australia due “to the climate change impacts” of the country’s emissions trading scheme.The World Resources Group (WRG) said the decision was taken due to a new Australian law, the Climate Change (Clean Energy) Act, which is expected to be passed by the Parliament on Tuesday.“We […]

How to turn a tree into a lumber mill

Engadgets article The first thing you need to know about wood is that it is one of the most valuable products on the planet.With the average lumber mill costing about $2.25 a foot (around £1.60), that’s a lot of wood to produce for a small price.But it can be a lot easier to make your own lumber than you think.The […]

How to get a timber conversion process that’s better for you

As you probably know, logging is one of the most common industries in the United States.But for many, it’s also a lucrative industry.For many years, the logging industry has been using a process called timber conversion.This is the process that converts logs into timber.In the process, the logs are separated from the wood and the logs that are left are […]

Australia’s old timber processing companies are at loggerheads over their process for new logging rights

Updated December 09, 2020 12:19:49A battle over the process for Australian old timber is taking a toll on companies which are already struggling financially.Key points:Trees are being felled by a new technology which allows them to be “cured” and re-used for loggingThe process is known as “old-timber process”The company behind the process is seeking approval to re-use the logs to […]

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