‘Huge’ global supply of wood coming back to Europe as supply hits limits

Ragni said that while a lot of demand for timber is coming back, he is still concerned about the sustainability of the industry.“We’ve had a couple of big events like the Chinese New Year, which is the biggest harvest in the history of China.We have seen some really good events with huge demand, but we are still concerned with sustainability,” […]

How to Locate, Process, and Pack Timber

Processing timber can be expensive, especially in remote areas.However, the growing popularity of the industry is giving companies a greater insight into the health and quality of their timber.There are some simple tips to consider before purchasing timber.How to locate, process, and pack timber.1.Get a good location for your project.It will take time to get your project right.If you can’t […]

When Will You See an Epix TV Series?

The eponymous streaming service has already signed on for a slew of series for its upcoming lineup, but there’s one that seems destined for the next decade that could go far beyond just getting you a new episode.Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” is the only TV series to make its debut with a full season, and we’re excited to […]

How to save the world’s timber from deforestation: the process

By Chris Smith | 06 January 2018 07:11:34 -0.17kbps (0,073,936 bytes)The process of wood curing is a major part of the global timber industry and is increasingly being used to preserve the environment and promote sustainable timber production.In the United States, the process is currently being used on about $1.5 billion worth of wood, according to a new report by […]

New Zealand lumber exports surge in June, easing worries of recession

NEW ZEALAND, New Zealand — A surge in exports of laminated timber is easing concerns of a recession, boosting confidence in the economy.New Zealand’s export sector added more than 10,000 jobs in June from a year earlier, according to the Commerce Ministry.The increase was more than double the year-earlier figure.Newly-installed laminators are a critical component of the countrys lumber exports.While […]

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