‘Huge’ global supply of wood coming back to Europe as supply hits limits

Ragni said that while a lot of demand for timber is coming back, he is still concerned about the sustainability of the industry.“We’ve had a couple of big events like the Chinese New Year, which is the biggest harvest in the history of China.We have seen some really good events with huge demand, but we are still concerned with sustainability,” […]

When the NFL starts to make money, it’s all about time

Posted October 08, 2019 11:02:58 The NFL has started to make some money and the money is starting to trickle in.The league announced Wednesday that it has made $3.7 billion in revenue for the year, a record.The money was reported on a conference call with analysts and owners.The NFL’s revenue includes all the money that was spent on player contracts.That […]

How to set up a timber processing business in Finland

Finland has announced a new regulation that aims to make it easier for small businesses to run timber processing businesses.The Finnish government has set a target of 50 per cent of the country’s timber harvested in 2017, but it’s aiming to meet that target by 2025.Under the new regulation, businesses will be allowed to produce timber from wood waste, which […]

Due Process Timber: A Case Study

Due Process timber process is an advanced manufacturing process for creating the highest quality timber.It is often used to create the best possible timber for a given project.The process has become an increasingly popular tool for many timber manufacturers.However, it has also become a controversial tool for the timber industry.It can be used to produce high quality, low cost timber […]

Which is more important, a wood-burning stove or a wood burning stove with an ash-fired chimney?

Posted March 24, 2018 06:24:33In a new video posted by the American Timber Industries Association (ATIA), one of the companies behind the new ash-burning chimney, Mark and Mary Prentice have an interesting debate on which is more “essential”: the wood burning heat source or the combustion source?The video was posted to YouTube on March 20 and was taken by Mark […]

Why is it a british industry’s favourite process?

The process that has come to be known as britain’s favourite timber coating process is known as “british-style wood processing”.It is an old-fashioned way of making a product that involves many steps. In the UK, this is a highly skilled, high-skilled job, and we are still able to do this because the UK is a country that has an abundance of […]

What’s in a Timber Frame?

Processing logs from a timber frame is a quick, simple process, and it’s incredibly easy to do.But you have to be careful.Here’s what you need to know about it.The Basics Before you begin, you need a log that you can safely cut and transport to the processing site.For the most part, you can’t cut a log into three sections.That’s because […]

How to get rid of old, rotten timber

A brand new piece of timber could be a lot of work to get through the year, especially if it is old and rotten.The company that makes it has a special process for getting rid of those old, old bits of wood, but how do you make a timber that is actually good to work with?The process is called ‘tree […]

Wood processing shows timber flooring processing methods in Ireland

The Irish Forest Industries Association (IFIA) has released data showing that timber processing processes in Ireland use wood from two different sources.The IFAI says the process is not the same as the one that is used in the US, where the use of reclaimed wood is outlawed.In the US the use and harvesting of reclaimed timber is regulated under the […]

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