When timber processors say they won’t accept the $1.9 billion project

Time article TANGOON, Wyo.(AP) Woodchippers in the western U.S. say they will not accept a $1 billion project to process wood from a new national forest.A statement from the National Association of Wood Chippers says in the last two years, timber processors have agreed to the new $1,800-per-hectare, 3,000-acre project and the company has paid about $3 million toward the […]

Forest Products: A Forest in a Timber Processing Factory

In a country where forests are the backbone of the economy, wood products are one of the most significant industries, but their production has been subject to significant land grabs in recent years.A forest is a natural structure with multiple layers and many layers of trees.It provides a shelter for wildlife, provides water and nutrients for crops and forests and […]

Australia’s old timber processing companies are at loggerheads over their process for new logging rights

Updated December 09, 2020 12:19:49A battle over the process for Australian old timber is taking a toll on companies which are already struggling financially.Key points:Trees are being felled by a new technology which allows them to be “cured” and re-used for loggingThe process is known as “old-timber process”The company behind the process is seeking approval to re-use the logs to […]

Timber Manufacturing Process in Ontario? ‘It’s not a simple process,’ says CEO

A small company that manufactures wooden and metal lumber is looking to change the way it makes lumber.It’s a step that would benefit both the lumber industry and the environment.“It’s just a small industry and we just have to get our ducks in a row,” said Jeff Foschke, who runs Woodlots Canada.Foschiels first heard about the need to create a […]

What happens when you take the cnc lumber that is used in your construction and turn it into timber

A few months ago, a group of people in Oregon began experimenting with wood that was harvested from the creeks and rivers of the Pacific Northwest and converted into lumber for home construction.They called it “cnc wood.”The project was a bit of a wildcat, with many of the folks involved having never been into the wood trade.But they were also […]

How to measure and categorize timber in your state of residence

A lumber company can use the lumber yard, a construction site, or a construction crane to load up timber, and it’s not hard to find a timber processing company that can handle your product.That’s where the difference comes into play.For example, the lumberyard’s job involves loading up logs for the mill, which then sends the lumber to the mill.A construction […]

Wood Processing: How a Chinese company has invented a new kind of timber mill

Posted September 25, 2018 02:06:31 A Chinese company is using a process of milling and chopping wood to make a special type of timber.It’s an attempt to turn the timber into a product that’s cheaper, stronger and more sustainable.“We can make it in an industrial mill that is so efficient and cost-effective that we could have this kind of tree […]

U.S. Forest Service releases data showing timber harvest is up but logging is down

On the surface, the U.N. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has not been kind to the logging industry.It banned logging in most of its 34 member countries in 2008.Now, however, CITES has shifted to its third ban, meaning the U,S., and many other countries are now banned from exporting logs to CITes member countries, where the industry […]

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