Why is it a british industry’s favourite process?

The process that has come to be known as britain’s favourite timber coating process is known as “british-style wood processing”.It is an old-fashioned way of making a product that involves many steps. In the UK, this is a highly skilled, high-skilled job, and we are still able to do this because the UK is a country that has an abundance of […]

‘Giant’s name means the world to us’: Former BDO timber processing company owner dies

Posted July 14, 2018 06:09:18A retired BDO loggers’ company is closing down after it failed to attract enough timber to cover its budget and has already lost its owners.Giant Logging Timber (GLT), a subsidiary of the BDO Logging and Timber Processing Company, has laid off 200 workers at its main plant in the north-west of NSW.GLT was formed in 1993, […]

When do people get to decide when their privacy is being violated?

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday voted to allow the Trump administration to extend the use of executive privilege in a case that could determine how long federal judges can remain in place without a court order.The committee’s chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley Charles (Chuck) Ernest GrassleyGrassley asks FBI to explain Trump tweets on Ford attorney general: Report MORE (R-Iowa), who […]

Why we need to rethink our timber harvest laws

The Government is now facing fresh pressure from the industry to change its forestry law after a report found the legislation does not go far enough.Key points:The Government’s timber bill will not go beyond the existing legal framework for a timber harvestThe Government says it will look at a new legal framework to make sure it meets the requirements of […]

How to make a timber form process

A timber form is a process in which wood is used as the building material.The process is usually performed in the ground or a suitable surface, such as a road, and wood is first used as a building material, with a small amount of the finished product being used as finished timber.The wood is then cut into the desired size […]

What’s in a Timber Frame?

Processing logs from a timber frame is a quick, simple process, and it’s incredibly easy to do.But you have to be careful.Here’s what you need to know about it.The Basics Before you begin, you need a log that you can safely cut and transport to the processing site.For the most part, you can’t cut a log into three sections.That’s because […]

What’s a timber processing process?

The term timber processing is often used to describe the use of the cutting of logs to build buildings, but a more precise definition is needed for the process of logging.Timber felling is the process by which timber is cut and then turned into logs, and it involves cutting, crushing and pulverising the logs into logs for timber production.These logs […]

How do you start a timber fellering process?

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies and processes, many are starting to see the importance of the wood frame process.As the term “frame” is used interchangeably with “cutting”, it is common to see people referring to this as the process of making a timber frame from an individual tree.But there are several different ways to frame timber, and there […]

A new timber process can be a huge boost to the US timber industry, but will it help or hurt the timber industry?

A new paper by the US Forest Service indicates that a new timber processing process may be a boon for the timber sector, and may be an incentive to grow the industry in the future.According to the paper, which was published on Thursday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the paper’s authors used a modeling tool to estimate that […]

How to tan the wood

What are the pros and cons of using tanning wood?The pros: The wood can be used in the woodworking industry, making it a valuable product in its own right.The cons: It can be expensive, and there are some concerns about the health effects of tanning.Read more about tanning article Source: US Forest Service

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