Timber Manufacturing Process in Ontario? ‘It’s not a simple process,’ says CEO

A small company that manufactures wooden and metal lumber is looking to change the way it makes lumber.It’s a step that would benefit both the lumber industry and the environment.“It’s just a small industry and we just have to get our ducks in a row,” said Jeff Foschke, who runs Woodlots Canada.Foschiels first heard about the need to create a […]

‘We won’t sell our trees to BDO’

India is a huge timber producer and exporter, but its state-run timber processing business is suffering a financial hit because of the soaring price of timber from Brazil, the US and elsewhere, said a government report on the business. The report released by the department of forest resources and environment (DFO) in January said it has to cut its costs to […]

How to make timber processing head and handle a disaster

In the early 1990s, the Irish government took the unusual step of putting the head of the timber processing company that had run a logging operation in the UK and the Irish province of Kerry under surveillance.The Irish government also conducted extensive surveillance of timber processing companies operating in Ireland and across the world, and used a variety of methods […]

A report into the timber creek handling industry

An investigation by the ABC has found a number of allegations that timber companies are engaging in serious breaches of environmental laws.Key points:The report finds that Australian companies have been engaged in the ‘most egregious’ timber handling in the worldThis includes timber processing in forests that are considered vulnerable to climate change and droughtIn addition, the report found that the […]

Wood chips made in China are making a comeback, and here’s why

The U.K. is seeing a resurgence of wood chip processing, which was once mostly done by China.The technology has been popularized by Chinese chip manufacturer BDO, which specializes in producing chips with high-grade wood chips.Now, wood chip manufacturers from all over the world are turning to BDO as well, and many have begun producing their own wood chips, which can […]

What happens when you take the cnc lumber that is used in your construction and turn it into timber

A few months ago, a group of people in Oregon began experimenting with wood that was harvested from the creeks and rivers of the Pacific Northwest and converted into lumber for home construction.They called it “cnc wood.”The project was a bit of a wildcat, with many of the folks involved having never been into the wood trade.But they were also […]

Which new projects are worth watching?

The first thing to know about the 2018 World Cup is that it’s a World Cup tournament, and for that reason, the tournament has a few things in common with the NFL: there’s a ton of money at stake and a lot of talent involved.And that’s not just because the World Cup will be held in a country that has […]

How to watch the livestream at this link!

It’s a pretty great thing to watch.It’s not quite the livestream, but it’s still awesome to be able to watch a few people from across the world share their stories of their journey in the woods.This is one of the best ways I can see to help spread awareness about the importance of forest conservation and the impact of deforestation […]

How to measure and categorize timber in your state of residence

A lumber company can use the lumber yard, a construction site, or a construction crane to load up timber, and it’s not hard to find a timber processing company that can handle your product.That’s where the difference comes into play.For example, the lumberyard’s job involves loading up logs for the mill, which then sends the lumber to the mill.A construction […]

What you need to know about the lumber industry

When you buy a house or condo, the final product you’ll receive will depend on the materials used.In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common lumber production processes and what you need know about them.Lumber production processes have been around for decades.Before the advent of the industrial revolution, the process of wood building and lumber […]

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